6 Tips for choosing the best images for social media posts

Brandy . May 7, 2019

Using social media posts to promote your business, your blog, or even yourself has become the norm.

However, making your social media post stand out has become harder and harder.
It is common knowledge that posts with pictures are more likely to be shared, but getting the right picture is as important as the post itself.

6 tips to choose the best image for social media


When you design your post, there are six factors that you should consider when picking the right picture to accompany the post:
1. Is Your Image Sized Right For The Network?
Each type of network has different sizing requirements. Make sure that your photo will match the style of the network you are posting to so that it appears crisp and clean.
2. Does Your Image Fit The Social Site?
Each site has a basic theme to the posts and the pictures that accompany them. If you are in sync with what is popular on the site, you will have more success in having your post shared.
3. Does Your Picture Evoke Emotion?
To be the most creative for social media posts, you want to make sure that your picture invokes an emotional reaction. Even if it is very subtle. Having an emotional connection to the post will help it become share worthy.
4. Is The Image Your Own?
While many stock photos are great for posting, they have generally been overdone. So many of the popular pictures have been used by so many people that some will overlook the post due to the cliché picture being used.
5. Does Your Image Fit Your Brand?
Do you have a color scheme associated with your brand, or perhaps a certain theme? Try to incorporate these same schemes into your pictures to make them associated with your overall branding.
6. Have You Used This Image Before?
Reusing images should be avoided at all times unless it is a post regarding specifically to that picture. People do notice, even if you think they will not.

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