Why emotional responses matter in Design

Guest Author . August 10, 2018

People are visual creatures and they need visual stimulation to guide many of their emotions.
If you are seeking to create an emotional response in an item that you post online, in an advertising piece, or even among your friends, stick with designs and pictures created with the human touch.


Emotional response in social media posts


You will be able to generate the right emotion, happiness, contentment, pleasure, even anger if that is what you desire, and you will get the results you desire from your post.

Emotions play a part in every area of our lives. They are the driving force behind many of our decisions, including those regarding sharing information with others. When something triggers an emotional response, a person will almost always react by sharing that response with others.

This is one of the reasons that social sites like Facebook and Instagram are so successful. They allow people to share their emotions. People can post stories or pictures of things that make them happy, create inspiration or even encourage outrage. These sites rely on human nature and emotion.

An image can make you feel very positive about a situation or make you angry. A cute puppy will make you smile, while a picture of an abused animal will stir anger. A good image for a business can sell more products or promote their brand than a brilliant story.
A good picture or graph or even a design creates an association with the subject matter. It makes a connection that will stay with that person now and in the future when that subject or business is brought up again. A poorly designed photo or picture can also leave a bad impression or make a subject or business easily forgettable.

The Importance of Human Based Design 

Have you ever noticed that major advertising always uses the human element? Commercials feature real people, beautiful landscapes, cute puppies. They are playing on your emotional response and using the human touch to do so. This is why they are so successful. Even computer-generated images like the GEICO gecko are integrated into human experience to make them relatable.

Computer generated images that are flat or emotionless are not memorable or successful.

This is why the human touch is also necessary when creating the design as well. Computers, using Artificial Intelligence, can create great designs, but they all lack one thing – emotion.


At proDesign we add the personal touch that can’t be given by a computer.

The best part is we deliver nearly as fast as a computer at an affordable price.