Frustrated by mediocre designs and experiences from automated design tools?

Guest Author . April 27, 2019

It is not unusual to try a design program like Canva, Crello, Stencil, Spark or Snappa to create graphics for your company. But as you know, many times the design doesn’t achieve the “look and feel” you desire. You’re forced to either accept the unsatisfactory design or search for an alternative.

Frustrated by mediocre designs and experiences from Canva, Spark and Others?


Sadly, automatic programs lack the graphics or design features that you want, or they are too complex for you to figure out. Let’s face it. A lot of us are not graphic designers so making decisions about backgrounds, colors, and fonts can be overwhelming. Either way, the alternative program to Canva does not produce the desired results either.


So, what is the Solution to your daily design needs such as posts and ads for your social media?

You want to focus on what you do best, which isn’t always graphic design. So, you turn to a graphic designer to help you but then that takes up more of your time. You end up having to go back and forth several times to communicate your expectations which is a big headache.

Professional designers have a skill set that is much different than a computer program. Where a program has limits to what it can create, a professional designer is not limited. This fact alone can mean the difference between an acceptable graphic design and one that is superior.

At proDesign we combine both worlds – automated platform with human designer. Our platform is easy to use – you upload your text, image, size you need and one of our professional designers will design the post for you and deliver the design in less than an hour. Easy peasy!  See how it works here.

proDesign is staffed with trained graphic designers that can take your design to the next level with minimum time on your end.

Programs like Canva serve a purpose and do provide a service. However, for a very distinct and unique design for your company campaign ads or images for your social media posts, articles or website, it is always beneficial to use a professional designer. As you can see below, the results will look like you hired a graphic designer and spent a lot of money. The quality compared to Canva, Spark and others alternative will have you using proDesign for all your graphic needs.

proDesign VS. Canva and spark