How to find the Right Image For Your Post

Brandy . April 22, 2019

It is common knowledge that people will respond to a post that has an attached image better than to one that is just a wall of text.

People are visually stimulated, that is just a fact. However, finding the right image for your post may not be as simple as you would like.


Looking for the right image for your post


Overly Used Images

The first thing that many people encounter when they try to find images for their posts are the common images everyone uses. They look to Google image for their choices and the most relevant pictures come up for their topic. This means that everyone who searches for that topic is receiving these same images first. Using these images will not make your post stand out or be unique.


Copyright And Registered Images

When you search the Internet for images for your post you also run legal risks. Many pictures, graphs or other images are copyright protected or are registered to another company. Using these images could result in legal problems.


So how do I find the right image?

The best way to avoid over-used graphics or legal issues when adding images to your posts is to work with a professional designer or with prodesign platform.

The designer can acquire the right image for your post that is unique to you and design the graphic for you according to your needs.

Professionally created images are unique and also very cost-effective.

Affordability guarantees that everyone has the ability to produce a professional looking post for themselves or their business.