Prodesign offers the creative human touch for your posts

Brandy . February 7, 2019

The future is here. Robots are being used for almost every type of task and profession. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has developed to a point that people now actively use AI as a personal assistant around their homes and offices. AI continues to develop each day.

human touch for your posts

human touch for your posts

There is, however, some areas where AI simply cannot perform in the same manner as a human being.

According to the article Humans are still better than robots at these 9 professional skills:

  • Spotting new patterns
  • Logical reasoning
  • Creativity
  • Coordination between multiple agents
  • Natural language understanding
  • Identifying social and emotional states
  • Responding to social and emotional states
  • Displaying social and emotional states
  • Moving around diverse environments


AI cannot create pictures or artwork in the same manner as a human being because there is no emotion attached to the design. AI cannot invoke the necessary emotions in their designs that a human being can create.

The placement of objects, the use of lines, and even the selection of graphics may all be capable by programming, but the human touch just is not there. And yes, it really does matter. In many different tests, people selected drawings, logos, artwork and other types of pictures that were created by humans over those created by AI. It must be the human touch.

It Is All About Sensory Perception

The way that senses interact with the brain cannot be duplicated in AI. AI can copy how sense work, it can even generate the appropriate response, but it simply cannot create on a level that is equal to emotion. In our article  “Why emotional responses matter in design” we discuss this in further detail and why design work will always be best when completed by a human.