The Golden Ratio needs a human eye for Design

Admin . September 7, 2018

In the digital world of marketing automation, we often leave it up to a computer to have an eye for design.

But is this generating the most brilliant pieces possible or staggering creatives?

There’s a common mathematical equation in nature called the “Golden Ratio”.

It’s used to elevate the aestheticism and composition of any design. Although web tools are supposed to be following this infrastructure, it’s something ingrained into the talent of every designer and artist alive.


The golden ratio

The golden ratio


What is the Golden Ratio?

Much like the Fibonacci sequence, or even the inside of a Nautilus shell, the Golden Ratio is a geometric relationship that people simply love to look at. Architects caught on to its significance early on, and it was even studied by mathematicians like Pythagoras and Euclid. The actual math to the Golden Ratio is 1 x 1.6 (width x height) and it mirrors a perfectly symmetrical relationship between two different proportions.

Since the 20th century, the Golden Ratio has also been expressed as the Greek Letter φ (phi). Simply put, it’s the shape of a rectangle. You may have noticed this ratio before, without even realizing it. You can identify the Golden Ratio in common objects like:

  • A4 paper
  • Playing cards
  • Movie posters
  • Cars
  • Wide screen TV’s
  • Photographs

Designing the Golden Ratio

Of course, none of this math matters if your design is not appealing. Although automation is great for saving time, it can be horrible when it comes to design. The Golden Ratio is typically built within the talent of the designer. They just have an eye for it. That’s why human designer outcomes will always be more appealing than a computer.

Although the Golden Ratio typically involves math, history has shown that artists tend to naturally follow it. The ratio is built into the structure of their skillset.

The Right Tools

Graphic designers already have the capacity to formulate the Golden Ratio through basics like headlines, text blocks, images, and other page elements. Prodesign is a tool that works with creative professionals to meet you in the middle. There is no need to go through rounds of hiring or supervise their work. The platform will manage the live talent for you.

With the proDesign platform , you just upload your text and image and then let a human designer go to town. 15-minutes later you’ll have a professional design, created by human hands. It’s a way to put a unique design across your brand that no automation tool can replicate. And in the end, your audience will notice and thank you.